Angola: a reality and a future threatened

Angola Transparency

mmmmmAngola: a reality and a future threatened
By Prof. N’gola Kiluange
Washington D.C –President Jìnpíng Xí came to Africa with the same illusory promises of his predecessors.

It turns out that these were the same “promissory conditions”, by way of ” Theory of Reflection” by Ivan Pavlov, that today we have 15+2 in accounts with our Justice!
Had the moral and civic dignity, to understand the risks that his nationals may incur, in a country gone from El dorado to the complete failure of building a nation, we could hardly believe his good faith.
And, especially, when the detention of Xu Jinhua (Sam) in Beijing have not been clarified in detail.
On the contrary, we have seen a parade paranoid of beggars with economic difficulties in their own countries (in immoral use of their “alleged” State assignments) to negotiate and taking out secret loans with the Government of Mr. Jìnpíng!

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Author: angolatransparency

-Impulsionar os cidadãos angolanos a questionarem como o erário público é gerido e terem a capacidade de responsabilizar os seus maus gestores de acordo com os princípios estabelecidos na Constituição da República --Boost the Angolan citizens to question how the public money is managed and have the ability to blame their bad managers in accordance with the principles laid down in the Constitution of the Republic-------------- Prof. N'gola Kiluange (Serafim de Oliveira)

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