Angola: our silence and our connivance

By Prof. N’gola Kiluange

Washington D.C -Many angolan residents of the United States forget that Deolinda Rodrigues de Almeida lived and studied here at Drew University in Madison, New Jersey…

The great warrior embraced the revolution, then left the country and went on… Bringing this issue to the fore will help us to understand her sublime spirit…

Imagine how many of us have been silenced or bribed by the wicked and Machiavellian mind of the MPLA still operating in that country. And all this for mere government positions or simple exchanges in gestures of superb begging!

Likewise, imagine if these same souls had put their efforts into systematically denunciating human rights abuses, cases of corruption, torture, and violations in detention centers, injustices, abuses of power, and premeditated murders in our land, and then sent these denunciations to the United States Government,Congress and Senate, as well as several American companies with interests in our economic-financial market.

Those who are  corrupt  lose their right of authorship and become puppets of the corruptor ;thus, establishing a bond of moral commitment between the parties.

However, this, not to mention the individuals who once belonged to counterintelligence services, are hiding as sleeping spies, students, permanent residents, or citizens with dual nationality even, and even, civil servants.

We must be concerned with the possibility that these individuals committed crimes, such as  premeditated murders, abuse of authority, participation in false accusations resulting in the destruction of human lives, and associations with acts of corruption and money laundering

Any of these institutions indeed have their information channels, but… we must, as Angolans living here, all  make our concerns known.

If many of us here in the United States had the sublime spirit of Deolinda Rodrigues, many crimes might not have happened in our homeland.

Therefore, it is time to think seriously about international sanctions (individual or collective) against Angolan leaders involved in human rights abuse, corrupt practices (active or passive), premeditated murders, etc.
                         The choice is ours

Washington D.C

 Prof. N’gola Kiluange (Serafim de Oliveira)

Author: angolatransparency

-Impulsionar os cidadãos angolanos a questionarem como o erário público é gerido e terem a capacidade de responsabilizar os seus maus gestores de acordo com os princípios estabelecidos na Constituição da República --Boost the Angolan citizens to question how the public money is managed and have the ability to blame their bad managers in accordance with the principles laid down in the Constitution of the Republic-------------- Prof. N'gola Kiluange (Serafim de Oliveira)

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