Angola: e quem foi que disse que a Minsait não pertence à Indra?

Minsait/ Indra contract

  1. Indra Sistemas is the result of the merger carried out in 1992 between the private company Ceselsa and the public group Inisel. At the end of the century, 66% of the shares belonging to the Sociedad Estatal de Participaciones Industriales – SEPI were privatized, which, however, retains 18.71% and makes it the main investor; since then its shares are listed on the four stock markets in Spain (Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and Bilbao). Its largest shareholder, after SEPI, is the March family with 10.52%, followed by investment funds such as Fidelity Management Research with 9.81%.

The March family is one of the most powerful Spanish families, its business success is due to the Mallorcan Juan March Ordinas, founder of Banca March and the Juan March Foundation in 1955. His personal history during the Second Spanish Republic, the Civil War and during the Franco regime is full of accusations of illegal economic activities, smuggling, evasion, political financing to Primo de Rivera, then to the Francoist side, collaboration with the Germans, etc. He was known as a lawless banker who entered the world of politics and the press. He died in 1962 at the age of 80, being the richest person in Spain.

The explosive business cocktail of Indra, the Spanish that will count the votes this 2022 – Las2orillas 

  1.   Minsait is Indra’s business unit that tackles the challenges posed by digital transformation to companies and institutions. Its product and service offering focuses on achieving immediate and tangible results. Indra has grouped its entire digital technology and business consulting assets and capabilities under Minsait, which has established itself as one of the leading companies of this market in Spain. Minsait is characterized for its differential methodology, a broad portfolio of business solutions, a proprietary and unique sales model, delivery and support aimed at impact generation, and a flexible organization based on multidisciplinary teams, comprised of specialists with very specific profiles. Minsait complements the high-value offering of Indra’s other vertical markets, steering the company toward the key business of its customers while accelerating its growth.

Indra acquires Paradigma, a leading company in disruptive technologies for digital transformation | Minsait


purpose | Minsait  

180117_pr_indra_paradigma_en.pdf (

2.b )   Indra’s Board Ratifies Company’s New Structure With Marc Murtra As Non-Executive Chairman And Ignacio Mataix And Cristina Ruiz

Indra’s Board Ratifies Company’s New Structure With Marc Murtra As Non-Executive Chairman And Ignacio Mataix And Cristina Ruiz – Eurasia Review  

  1. SNCP | Portal MINFIN ( 

          Serviço Nacional de Contratação Pública

  1. .) A retirada da empresa espanhola Minsait Indra do processo eleitoral (ver ontem)

levantou mais preocupações sobre o próximo ciclo eleitoral. “A retirada de Minsait Indra apenas confirma o que vários setores vêm indicando, que não há condições para um processo primário ou geral e isso porque as regras do jogo permanecem as mesmas do

golpe de Estado e as eleições de 2010, 2013 e 2017.”

  1. Indra launches Minsait, a new unit for its digital transformation solutions 

Indra launches Minsait, a new unit for its digital transformation solutions (  

  1. She joined Indra in 2011 as Energy Market Vice President and was appointed Deputy Executive Vice President with responsibility for the Consulting, Energy, Telecommunications and Media businesses in January 2013. In December 2017 she was appointed as Executive Director of Indra and IT business Senior Vice President; prior to this, she was responsible for Minsait and IT vertical markets, and in May 2021 she has been appointed CEO of Indra.

Corporate governance | indra (

  1. Minsait, an Indra company (, is a leading firm in Digital Transformation Consultancy and Information Technologies. Minsait possesses a high degree of specialization and knowledge of the sector, which it backs up with its high capability to integrate the core world with the digital world, its leadership in innovation and digital transformation, and its flexibility. 

AACO | Minsait, an Indra Company

  1. Minsait es la unidad de negocio de Indra que da respuesta a los retos que la transformación digital plantea a empresas e instituciones, por medio de la oferta de resultados inmediatos y tangibles. 

Minsait, la unidad de transformación digital de Indra – YouTube  

  1. February 2016 saw the launch of Minsait, Indra’s business unit that integrates its technology and consulting solutions in the Digital Transformation segment. The greatest possible focus and effort is being maintained in Minsait’s deployment phase. After its initial launch in Spain, it is being expanded to key geographical areas for Indra, such as Mexico and Italy 

indra_04_csr_report_2016_30052017.pdf (

  1. Company Bylaws

Company Bylaws | indra (

  1. Shareholders structure

Shareholders structure | indra (

  1. Market Screener
  2. INDRA SISTEMAS, S.A. : Shareholders Board Members Managers and Company Profile | ES0118594417 | MarketScreener

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