Angola: The Invisible Russian Hand in our Military Class

Angola Transparency

By Serafim de Oliveira

Washington D.C —Concerns are growing across the sectors of civil society, Angolan religious culture, national and foreign opinion and decision-makers, and even local politicians concerning the post-election period.

However, regardless of intentions, most current governmental actions, unilateral or multilateral, often produce results that, while positive or adverse, depend on the preconceived objectives.

Incredibly, Angola remains subordinate to the subtle influences of the military class. We need only notice the ostentatious and extravagant displays of the “tyrant oligarchs” and “spendthrifts” to understand the pervasive and fixating power of military influence across social and political spheres.

Notably, this influential Angolan military “class ” is a sector with a well-established distant and partisan relationship between the Angolan MPLA and the former Soviet t Party (PCUS). Using a somewhat hand,Russia plays the role of a moral debt collector in Angolan affairs.

Without knowledge of the political dividends the Russians reap…

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Author: angolatransparency

-Impulsionar os cidadãos angolanos a questionarem como o erário público é gerido e terem a capacidade de responsabilizar os seus maus gestores de acordo com os princípios estabelecidos na Constituição da República --Boost the Angolan citizens to question how the public money is managed and have the ability to blame their bad managers in accordance with the principles laid down in the Constitution of the Republic-------------- Prof. N'gola Kiluange (Serafim de Oliveira)

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